• Special Events & Workshops

    Extraordinary Experience for your Precious Darlings!

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    * The First Children's Event of its Kind.

    * Unique Event for Unique Children.

    * Open your Children's Eyes to the Wonders of Ancient History.

    * Your Children will Learn & Love History With Very Innovative Tools.

    * Lots of Imagination & Extra Enjoyment.

    * We take kids on a journey to ancient Egypt through storytelling.

    * Our storytelling depends on mixing the story of an ancient monument and activities to illustrate the magic of the old life and apply it to our lives today

    * Coloring, Storytelling, Activities & Much More.

  • Our Activities Methodology

    Activities are determined according to many aspects:

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    Activity Duration

    Your Kid can Enjoy One-day Events or
    Many days of Workshops.
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    Age Group

    Your Kid Can participate either in:

    Group A (from 7 to 10 years old), or

    Group B (from 11 to 14 years old)

  • Activities Design Process:









  • The CaleanderCurrent Events

    The 2024 Events calendar will be announced soon

    Monuments Event for Children with MonumentoR to learn gamified stories about our ancient history and monuments in a creative way😍

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