• What do your children know about the Monuments in Egypt? Or anywhere else? Are they curious about it?

    Do you think they may love history and do not consider it boring?

    Many of us once felt that studying history is difficult and contains many details, events, and dates.

    Your children have the right to know their history and enjoy studying it.

    The story began with a little girl from about 30 years, riding the car with her family, doing what she loved most, looking at the street from the car's window, and enjoying watching buildings, ads, shops, and houses.

    Suddenly her eyes were shining, when she saw a large building like a wall with many arches, she was fascinated by its shape and size, it was Magra El Ayoun Aqueduct (sour Magra el Ayoun) it was used in the past to transfer the Nile water to the Citadel.

    She wished if she could stay and enjoy its charm, and her dream and her imagination grows...

    She visited the pyramid, the Citadel, and the temples of Luxor, and the same inspiring emotion was felt again. Those flashes were lightened again and again.

    She loved the monuments of her country and studied its architecture. And she discovered her passion and her dream for the past years, and the truth for the coming years.


    I am Mona Rahmo, an architect, and my first and biggest passion is ancient architecture and monuments, and my big dream is how to know these monuments, preserve them, and appreciate the science and art that our ancestors left for us.


    This is the beginning of "MonumentoR"

    Our goal is to help you open your children's eyes to the magic and wonders of ancient architecture and build their sense of belonging.

  • Now Your Children will Learn & Love History

    With a Very Innovative Tool 

    Using the Power of Coloring & Storytelling

  • Build the Affiliation in your Children

    Stories of history and monuments enhance the child's sense of belonging to the place and the community

    Overcoming the Difficulty of Studying History

    Historical storytelling will introduce your children to the history and civilization of their country in an attractive and different way

    Acquisition of Creative Thinking Skills

    Reading and storytelling with children promotes brain development and imagination, develops language, emotions, and strengthens relationships, encouraging them to explore, be curious, come up with questions and investigate how things work

    Boost your Child's Strength of Observation Skills

    Stories develop listening and communication skills, improve concentration and memory, bring experiences alive, create a sense of wonder, and help sequence events

    Reduce Screen Time

    Storytelling is the best alternative activity that does not require screen time

    Increase Family Bonding

    There is always a discussion that follows the story and this interaction is the stepping stone for the early bonds with your child

    Increase Focus & Improve Memory

    Stories capture our attention better than other information because they leave a physical and emotional trace in the brain

    Allow Your Children to Explore the Fun of Learning about Monuments

    Storytelling is one of the most important techniques of Edutainment which means mixing education with entertainment to make it more interesting and attractive

    Strengthen Design Thinking

    Stories generate questions, leading to the imagination and lots of innovative thoughts and ideas

    Develop the Need for Research

    Storytelling allows your children to connect to different journeys and expand their understanding of the world around them

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    • COLOR YOUR HISTORY is our 1 st product and 1st series of Egyptian Monuments Coloring Book, Opening the Eyes of Children to the Wonders of Ancient Architecture It provides a visual learning style that helps children to develop creative thinking and design thinking skills through 5 main steps ( Know, Think, Observe, Enjoy, & Imagine).
    • COLOR YOUR HISTORY is not only a coloring book, it is 3 in 1 BOOK (Coloring, Story & Activities) Plus Stickers Sheet Inside & 12 Colour Pencils.
    • COLOR YOUR HISTORY in both languages (English & Arabic) in the same book for children older than 8.
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